A New Age of Reason

A New Age of Reason: Harnessing the Power of Tech for Good

By Larry Weber

A New Age of Reason: Harnessing the Power of Tech for Good provides a roadmap for integrating world-changing emerging technologies, such as AI/robotics, chips/sensors, and quantum computing, to solve some of today’s thorniest and most pressing problems like climate change and world hunger.

Leverage technology to propel humankind toward a better future.

Larry Weber offers inspiring examples of companies using technology to positively impact humanity. This book is an actionable playbook to transform your organization around this mission, including how to develop a tech for good strategy, how to evolve the C-suite to deliver on this mission, how to market it, and how to measure outcomes. Weber also discusses the latest technology breakthroughs delivering positive world outcomes, such as:

  • Extending a surgeon’s “eyes and hands” via robotic surgical systems to improve patient outcomes
  • Computer vision tech that enables farmers to maximize crops to feed our burgeoning population
  • AI/robotics that identify and fight wildfires

Bringing together a collective of major thinkers on this subject and providing guidance for a better future, A New Age of Reason: Harnessing the Power of Tech for Good is a timely read for all executive leaders seeking to harness the new wave of technology to solve key societal problems and have a positive impact on the world.

Larry Answers Why "A New Age of Reason"

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A New Age of Reason

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Larry Weber

About the Author

Larry Weber, a globally renowned expert on public relations and marketing services, brings over 40 years of experience to the table.

As the founder of several successful integrated marketing agencies, including Racepoint Global, he has been a key player in the convergence of technology, the Web, and communications. His thought leadership and guidance have transformed both international and emerging companies into powerhouse brands.

Weber’s extensive experience in the tech field positions him at the forefront of technological innovation across several other industries, making him the perfect guide for this journey.

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Forward by David Kirkpatrick

We live in a sea of technology—it surrounds us and affects every aspect of our lives, mostly in ways we could not live without. But it’s too easy to take this blessing of capabilities for granted. Most of us have become so habituated to technology’s marvels that we barely even notice them. It’s easier to get annoyed when our smartphone battery runs out or a wire doesn’t work, for example, than to feel grateful for the truly astonishing feats the device enables for us the rest of the time. None of us will leave home without it. But the smartphone is just one of innumerable amazing technologies that grace our lives.

Larry Weber wants us to stop and marvel. But more than that, he sees the gifts of tech as an inspiration. He believes in the almost infinite potential of innovation to improve our companies, our lives, and our societies.

Even as we collectively face the myriad crises of global warming, threats to democracy, ongoing wars, and fears about the potential downside of artificial intelligence, Weber sees amazing new pathways to progress.

Yet we also all live, today, in a sea of pessimism and fatalism. Everywhere, even well-informed people increasingly feel paralyzed, even hopeless. Considerable numbers of young people are so demoralized they are starting to say they don’t even want to bring a child into a world they see as blighted and degrading.

In this book, Weber makes the case that they are simply not seeing what’s happening. He is a relentless, committed optimist–or, as he calls himself, a “techno-optimist.” Combatting society’s endemic fatalism is a big part of Weber’s mission. As he enthuses near the end of this bracing book, “We are on the cusp of a new era where technology has finally evolved to deliver amazing benefits to the world.”

It won’t be easy for businesses to rise to this challenge. It means planning differently, communicating differently, and organizing the corporation differently. Weber advocates, for example, that every company creates new positions like a “chief ethics officer” and even a “chief humanitarian officer.” Take that, cynics about the role of business!

My own career has been spent writing about big companies, the evolution of technology, and its potential to improve society. Thank you, Larry Weber, for so clearly and passionately arguing for this essential new shift in business consciousness. I suspect his passion and knowledge will be as inspiring for you as it is for me.

A New Age of Reason

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