Life is short: thoughts on Women’s History Month

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Editor’s Note: March is Women’s History Month.  Proclaimed each year by presidential decree, the month honors women’s contributions to American history.  The theme this year is “Celebrating Women Who Tell Our Stories.” Racers are all storytellers who shape conversations that matter for tech-forward brands and four of them agreed to tell a bit of their own stories and what propels them in life and work.

Who empowered you in your youth, and how?

My mom. Born in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Katie Keane emigrated to Ireland when Irish culture was quite traditional and didn’t always appreciate strong females. She blazed a trail in the organic, self-sufficient farming industry at a time when women should have been a backdrop in a very male-dominated industry. Katie never let anyone take her down from her ideas. She had tremendous drive with an authentic, funny, warm, and endearing personality.

One woman I find inspiring is…

I’m a Michelle Obama fan. She is fearless, and I see authenticity in her words and actions. That follow-through is essential and something I strive to bring to my work, say it and do it.

When do you feel most capable?

When I’ve got time to think, early morning is my focus time, so I’m often up at 5:30 AM. Our house is (usually) quiet, and I can sit and think about what I want to achieve from my day ahead. For many reasons, I value a day-by-day mentality. Life is short!

What’s the toughest balancing act you face?

Being a mom and being myself. Having my three children was one of the most awakening moments in my life. A mamma-bear mentality envelopes everything you do. At times, it’s hard to get out from underneath that and do something for the person I was before. My Circus is getting older, though, Finn is six years, and Ennis and Ella are 4-year-old twins. I suspect it will be easier. Plus WFH (oh, how I love you 😊) helps with the chaos of being a working mom and the amazing flex we have at RPG.

What is one change that could improve the future for women? 

Asking for help is not a weakness. I once had three kids under three. At times I felt invincible, and at other times, I was not. “I’ll do it” comes out of my mouth quicker than I can think, often without thinking about everything else already on my plate. Then, I tend to get overwhelmed, it piles on, and I just deal with it. Asking for help sometimes could be a good, and not a bad, idea.


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