Aligned organizations are innovative organizations.

Organizations of all sizes are navigating rapid change—technological change, organizational change, and a changing relationship between employers and their workforce. This is why employee communications and change management are among the top challenges facing communicators and human resource leaders worldwide.

Racepoint Global is named after the lighthouse at the top of Cape Cod that helps ships navigate their way into Boston Harbor. Lighthouses get their power from prisms that bend and reflect light in one direction.

RPG Prism™ is a set of advisory and support services—delivered with an ecosystem of proven partners—that help organizations achieve alignment through effective communications.

Services include:

  • Employee (Internal) Communications Support
  • Employee (Internal) Channel Strategy
  • Employee (Internal) Events, Town Halls Management
  • Employer Brand Audits, Employee Value Proposition Development
  • Executive Communications
  • Executive, Management Coaching
  • Executive Voice and Thought Leadership
  • Inclusion Analysis and Benchmarks
  • Leadership Development and Training
  • Talent Recruiting and Retention Support


Contact us today to learn more about how we can support your employee communications needs: prism@racepointglobal.com