Small acts of kindness: thoughts on Women’s History Month

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Editor’s Note: March is Women’s History Month.  Proclaimed each year by presidential decree, the month honors women’s contributions to American history.  The theme this year is “Celebrating Women Who Tell Our Stories.” Racers are all storytellers who shape conversations that matter for tech-forward brands and four of them agreed to tell a bit of their own stories and what propels them in life and work.

Who empowered you in your youth and how?

I was lucky enough to have many strong female role models growing up — and I didn’t have to look further than my own family. My mom was a teacher for many years. While every day wasn’t always easy, she was passionate about helping her students. I’ve loved watching her take on being a grandparent and bond with the next generation of little ones.

My aunt is also someone I still look up to and admire. I will always try to emulate her adventurous spirit. My favorite memories are when we would be spontaneous and she would take us out on snowmobiles or mountain bikes — anything to get me out of my comfort zone!

When do you feel most capable?

The saying “it takes a village” rings true for me. This applies to both my work and personal life. When we work as a team to bring new ideas to our clients or face a crisis together, that is when I feel empowered and most capable. Because we all have our unique strengths, I know as a team we can succeed and overcome challenges.

On the home front, I’m at my best when I’m surrounded by the people I love and know that I have a strong support system to lean on. It brings me a sense of comfort so I can focus on what matters most and not worry so much about those pesky details in life that tend to drag us down.

What’s the toughest balancing act you face?

A new mom returning to the working world with a six-month old is an all-consuming balancing act. My work gives me the ability to stretch my thinking and find value in shaping client stories. But knowing there’s a little one who relies on me has changed my perspective and priorities. It forced me to find that work life balance quickly. I now adhere to a stricter schedule and set clearer boundaries at work.

What is one change that could improve the future for women?

This change may sound simple, but I often see a need for more women helping women. As a society, we say it a lot. But personally, as I’m being fed far too many parenting videos on social media, I see moms tear down, criticize, or judge other moms. This goes beyond moms. We are all trying our best and we can’t possibly understand one woman’s life in a 30-second video. We need more small acts of kindness and a small show of support. It can go a long way in bringing joy to someone’s life.


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