Helping hands: thoughts on Women’s History Month

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Editor’s Note: Every March we celebrate Women’s History Month, a month dedicated to honoring women’s contributions to American history. This year, we asked four Racers to share their thoughts on being a woman in the world today, including which women inspire them most and some of the challenges women continue to face.  

Who is the most influential woman you know and how does she inspire you?

My mother. She did every facet of nursing, starting out as general ward RN, then maternity ward and insurance nurse, then retiring as a school nurse. As a school nurse, she was always helping middle school kids with emotional support on top of medical needs.

What stereotypes about women do you think persist?

Motherhood bias. Women with young children can’t maintain a high position status.

What traits do the women in your family share? How have they informed your opinions of what women should be like?

My grandmother’s mother passed away when she was only 13, so she raised her brothers and sisters while her father worked. Then she raised her own family (three children) later in life. My grandmother was a seamstress by trade, and she always worked on the side. When my grandfather lost his job in Detroit during the Great Depression, she was the sole provider for a while. She was the disciplinarian and made most of the decisions around the home when it came to the family.


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