Helping others succeed: thoughts on Women’s History Month

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Editor’s Note: Every March we celebrate Women’s History Month, a month dedicated to honoring women’s contributions to American history. This year, we asked four Racers to share their thoughts on being a woman in the world today, including which women inspire them most and some of the challenges women continue to face.  

Who is the most influential woman you know and how does she inspire you?

My mom inspires me in many ways. After a successful career in the business world, she decided to pursue a new professional passion: teaching. At a young age, I watched her enroll in a master’s program and balance her schoolwork with her responsibilities as a mom. In this way, I learned first-hand what it takes to have a strong work ethic and why we should always challenge ourselves professionally. The compassion she has for her students also inspires me to lead with patience and empathy.

What stereotypes about women do you think persist?

Women continue to face the stereotype of being “too nice.” Often, women are expected to be polite and more nurturing, especially when it comes to making sure everyone else is happy. On the flip side, women are then stereotypically assumed to lead with less confidence. These qualities don’t have to be mutually exclusive, though. Making sure everyone’s voice is heard in a meeting does not make you a weak leader. Rather, it helps you make well-informed decisions. There are many female leaders at RPG and in the broader business world who successfully balance empathy and authority.

What are some of the biggest challenges you think women face (or you have faced in the workplace)?

In general, the biggest challenges women face often tie back to overcoming gender stereotypes. While women are seen as better communicators, they are often expected to be less proficient in more technical math- and science-based concepts. Or they may always be tasked with taking notes in a meeting and keeping everyone organized since those are stereotypically female traits.

What traits do the women in your family share? How have they informed your opinions of what women should be like?

The women in my family are compassionate, independent, and unafraid to speak their mind. We’re honest and don’t hesitate to kindly offer advice and feedback that may be hard, but important, for someone to hear. For me, this has always underscored the importance of women helping each other succeed, whether that’s by serving as a listening ear or actively seeking out new opportunities for each other.


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