We’re all in this together: thoughts on Women’s History Month

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Editor’s Note: March is Women’s History Month.  Proclaimed each year by presidential decree, the month honors women’s contributions to American history.  The theme this year is “Celebrating Women Who Tell Our Stories.” Racers are all storytellers who shape conversations that matter for tech-forward brands and four of them agreed to tell a bit of their own stories and what propels them in life and work.

Who empowered you in your youth and how?

Kay Adler, my aunt. Born in 1922, she was an independent thinker and activist. She proudly served in the Marine Corps until she was hand-selected via the Office of the Commandant as the first female Marine to serve as a member of the Marine Corps Honor Guard. Kay had strong values that navigated her life and choices. Her positivity of situations, even the direst, was inspiring.

Her gift was her divided focus on who she was with. She made each of us feel the most important. I felt seen and heard at the earliest of ages. She believed and valued my perspective. However, she was tough. She wouldn’t take any BS and she held you accountable to your word.

When do you feel most capable?

I feel most capable when I’m exposed to new ideas. Whether it be a book, workshop, networking event, or conversations with my colleagues or friends. I love to have room to learn, think, and apply to our culture, work, or myself. I am a lifelong learner and exposure, and exploration of new ideas, thoughts, and perspectives makes me feel strong.

What’s the toughest balancing act you face?

The toughest balancing act I face is: getting energized from other people, events, and activities (I’m a full-on extrovert) versus the need to rest and rejuvenate with quiet, downtime before I hit burnout.

What is one change that could improve the future for women?

That we live in abundance and we’re all in this together. Abundant mindset is the idea that there is more than enough to go around: more than enough accolades , choices, glory, money, success. With this mindset we will help each other, create opportunities for each other, pitch in, lift up, elevate – look after each other.


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