Witness to History: 20 Years of “Spilling the Tea” on Technology at RPG

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This June, we are taking a moment to recognize and celebrate the people and clients who have played a big role in shaping the conversations that matter at the intersection of technology and humanity for the past 20 years.  

Racepoint Global (RPG) was born in 2003 and named after a famous landmark that served as a beacon for safe transport into Boston Harbor.​ In the two decades since, Racepoint Global and our clients participated in a massive technological shift and the digital transformation of every facet of our society. ​ 

Processing power once available only in massive data warehouses now sits comfortably in the palm of our hands. As the enterprise moved to consumers, consumers — and employees — put pressure on the enterprise to deliver better experiences. ​ 

At the same time, there were huge shifts in the world of communications and the practice of PR. In the past two decades, we’ve seen a lot.  

  • The democratization and decentralization of media.  
  • Pressure on the relationship between media and media relations practitioners.  
  • The rise of content as the engine of commerce. ​ 

In the blink of an eye since the early days of tech PR, almost every company is now a technology company …​ and everyone is a technologist. ​Every company is a media company …​ and every citizen is a journalist.  

The unintended consequence of hyper connection? Polarization, fragmentation and a decline in freedom of, and trust in, the press. (And now we brace for AI’s powers of deception to wreak even more havoc.) 

Yet, expectations for brands to “do better” continue to rise. In the emerging age of conscious capitalism, a new generation will only give their attention, money and talents to companies that stand for a greater purpose. 

​Born in a town famous for spilling tea, RPG has been spilling the tea about tech for 20 years. Hundreds of Racers and our clients have had an impact on technology’s now ubiquitous role — and its promise to improve human lives. Now it’s time to shape the next wave of conversations that matter. 

Congratulations and hats off to our founder, Larry Weber. Cheers to all those at Racepoint Global who have shared, and continue to share, their talents with us. And deep thanks to our clients — past, present and future — for placing their trust in RPG.  

* Image credit: The Destruction of Tea at Boston Harbor, Nathaniel Currier.


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