Five guidelines to building my career: working for “me” in a culture of “we”

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In my early career days, I was obsessed with Fast Company, devouring each issue like my teenager devours his Big Macs: all at once and as fast as possible. Fast Company was newly launched and captured all the exciting, innovative and creative ways we work. I particularly remember an early cover story, Free Agent Nation, written by then scarcely-known Dan Pink. This worthy read outlined how to set yourself up as a solopreneur. According to Pink, those who went it alone were most engaged, owned their schedules, and were the happiest.

While I wasn’t ready to step out on my own, the piece forged a singular idea into my brain that drove my career choices from that point forward. Regardless of where I went, what company I worked for, or whoever might be my boss: I always work for me.

The studies I pursued over the next few years helped me to create the personal guidelines I live and work by:

  1. I bring my whole self to my work community. #authenticity
  2. I remember that freedom of choice is the greatest gift. I get to choose when I’m at my best: what work will serve the agency, my teams and me. I will work where and when I work best. #flexibility
  3. I challenge myself to learn and grow constantly, believing that anything is possible. #growthmindset
  4. I strive to add value and demand that I am valued for who I am and what I contribute. #belonging
  5. I surround myself with colleagues at all levels who are smart, collaborative, fun and have positive intent in their actions. #community

Today, I work for an agency where the cultural building blocks and values map to the guidelines I set for myself. I am in a position at Racepoint Global (RPG), where I get to help build a culture with the most amazing and smart colleagues, from our newest interns to our most seasoned executives.

Recently, RPG president Bob Osmond was a guest on PR Council’s World’s Most Successful Agencies podcast. In the episode, Bob shared insights about our cultural building blocks and how we are focused on marrying compassion and accountability to create a rewarding, employee-first culture.

I invite you to listen in to what RPG is all about and learn why I value being a member of the RPG community. And, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that we’re hiring! Head over to our Careers page to see our current job openings and apply today.


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